nedelja, 13. november 2016

Synchronicity - Trump & Cohen & Cerar - everything circulates

On the same stage with Melania Trump - in 1992
Melania Trump became the First Lady. Leonard Cohen has died. Miro Cerar has declared circular economy as the civilisation need. All three things happened last week.
I understood this as a kind of synchronicity that is strictly related to my subjective perception. After reading the FT Weekend I've realised that this dots might be linked at a more universal level, not only in my small inner world. 
Melania was my colleague while we've been modelling in the '90. Leonard Cohen was and remains the "zen icon" that I

Dr. Miro Cerar, dr. Janez Potočnik, I and Tadej Slapnik
deeply respect and admire. Miro Cerar is a Prime Minister who has recognised the value of the Circular Economy and strongly supports its implementation in Slovenia and worldwide. Three pillars that are strongly connected to my life. 

In my student years I was modelling, together with Melania. Soon after I've started a career in creative industries, I have invited the same Melania to appear in one of the first TV commercials 've created as a young copywriter at Studio Marketing JWT - for the fashion brand Elkroj.  

FT Weekend, 12 /13 November 2016
Creative spirit, believe in the change for a better through innovation and collaboration, entrepreneurial experiences, projects and movements I've been co-creating and orchestrating in 20 years, led to the Circular Change. Engaging multi stakeholder platform enabling transition from linear to the circular economy. Taking in account global warming and actions that might prevent the "black scenario" for our planet and our civilisation.

Miro Cerar, Prime Minister of Slovenia, recognised the importance of the paradigm shift from linear to circular and activated the initiative in his cabinet to take concrete actions and prepare a kind of national "circular action plan". 

On the page 10 in FT three messages are lucidly captured - ambitions of Trump, wisdom of Cohen, metaphorical meaning of global warming. Making me wonder if the combination of Trump leadership, global warming and circular economy, with Slovenia as one of the ambassadors of this new economic model, might intertwine into a "bright story". Making me wonder if miracles might become true. 

"A crack in everything is how the light gets in", is the  most beautiful and encouraging message from Cohen that raises the trust in the future.